Northside United FC is the Edmonton North Zone's Club Soccer Program. The program is geared toward those players who are seeking a greater degree of challenge with opportunities to take their skills to the "club level".

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Northside United is the Edmonton North Zone's Premier Soccer program. This program is geared toward those players who are seeking a greater degree of challenge.

This program involves a greater degree of commitment from both the players and parents.

Please ensure that you pre-register for Tryouts

NSU Outdoor 2021 Tryout and Evaluation Schedule

Clareview Turf - 3804 139 Ave NW

Tryout Schedule

Registration for this season is done online only and in 2 easy steps - both forms need to be completed
1. Pre-Register for Tryouts
2. Register for TeamSnap


When you are completing your registration on the EMSA Soccer portal there will be fees listed, however you will not be required to pay on this form. Please complete the registration and select "Other" as payment type. When you move onto the Club tryout Team Snap registration from this is where you will submit confirming documents and pay only the tryout fee at this time.

Important Payment Options in your TeamSnap registration

1. The installment payment option will be defaulted, please use this option as you will only be charged the tryout fee today and the player registration fees once the player makes the team.
2. We will now process your funding requests on your behalf and then fees will be adjusted accordingly! Please select funding and submit the required documents that the system requests with your registration.
3. The TeamSnap system will accept Visa & Mastercard as well as Visa/Debit & Mastercard/Debit

If you do not have those forms of payment you can select to pay offline in TeamSnap and send an interact e-transfer payment to – Note: To ensure that payment is applied to the correct account ~ please ensure that you detail what the payment is for. Ie. (players name, age group, etc.)

Why do I have to register for EMSA Soccer Portal and Team Snap?

The EMSA Soccer Portal is used to register the player with EMSA Main and our governing body in order to build team rosters and apply for player insurance, this is also where parent's will sign applicable disclosure and waivers pertaining to playing with EMSA.

Team Snap is a platform the league will use to communicate to teams, parents and player as well as contact trace and provide health checks as required to participate in Mini Leagues. Registration here also removes the need for line ups at registration sessions as all confirming documentation and payment can be submitted through these forms electronically.

Girls & Boys Program

The Northside United Academy focuses on player development in the U9 and U11 age groups. The goal is to increase your child’s skill level within a fun and exciting environment.

At the U13, U15 and U19 level, the Academy focuses on tactics to develop a better understanding of the game. Although they continue to develop their skills, they now learn why, when and where to apply these skills at the highest competitive level. This combination challenges them to grow as an all-around quality soccer player.

See What To Expect From NSU

What We Offer

Northside United is the Edmonton North Zone’s Club Soccer Program. The program is geared toward those players who are seeking a greater degree of challenge with opportunities to take their skills to the “club level”.

The commitment expectation of players is greater than in community soccer as the program is more competitive in nature. Regular attendance at practices and games is expected. Player skill development and team work are the main priorities of the Northside United program.

What Does The Northside United Program Offer?
Higher degree of competition with other players of similar caliber at the club soccer level (T1, T2 and T3)Provide most innovative and effective soccer training program.On-going Technical Training by Accredited Trainers.Skilled, well-trained coaches in a positive “Team” environment.
What to expect from Northside United
Senior qualified coaches and trainersCoach educationCompetitive skill developmentAll apparel provided is the players to keep: Shorts, socks, and home and away jerseys50.00 keeper glove reimbursement for 1 keeper per teamTeam equipmentReferee, fields, website, club administration & technical trainer costs paidTeam practices as decided by the coachIn-house Technical SessionIn-house Keeper campsIndoor, outdoor, tryout & post season facilitiesTournament AllowanceProvincial and National allowance provided to participating teams
Expectations of Players/Families

COMMITMENT to attend ALL practices, technical sessions, and games.Each registered player will be expected to have 1 parent/guardian volunteer for a total of 4-8 hours 1 time per season.Abide to the standards set forth by the club and the EMSA parent/player code of conduct
If your child makes an Northside United team he/she will receive a congratulations package AND you are expected register your child immediately that same day to secure a space for a child on the team who has selected him/her.

A Valid and current Community League membership (2018/2019) is required and proof of membership will be requested in order to register for Northside United.

Technical Staff

The Northside United Technical Staff is committed to the highest level of development and coaching expertise.

Technical Director: Srdjan Gajic- Former Professional Player, UAEFA B License

Boys TeamsYearCoachEmail
U9B GAJIC2012Dejan Gajicemail
U9B MAJED2013/2014Ahmed Majedemail
U9B NICE2012/2013Angela Niceemail
U11B MUNOZ2011Cristian Munozemail
U11B ALAMI2010Nawid Alamiemail
U13B HINDS2008Conrad Hindsemail
U13B CANDIDO2008/09Frank Candidoemail
U13B MAJED2009Ahmed Majedemail
U15B GAJIC2006Srdjan Gajicemail
U15B CHARPENTIER/MAJED2007Ed Charpentieremail
U15B LATURCO2006/2007Joey Laturcoemail
U17B DASILVA2004/2005Danny Da Silvaemail

Girls TeamsYearCoachEmail
U15G HINDS2006/2007Conrad Hindsemail
U19G NICKS2002/2003/2004Travis Nicksemail
U19G MACNEILLadies/Adult ProgramBruce MacNeilemail

Club Achievements

Coaches and Managers: How To Post Your Success Stories
To have your player or team success stories appear on this page, share them on your Twitter account and include @YEGNSU in your Tweet to notify us. We’ll retweet and share it on our social media accounts.

Coach Application

We are currently accepting applications for technical trainers. This is a paid position based on history of coaching and playing. Please submit your application through our coach application form below.

Technical Trainer / Coach Application
*All coaches are subject to mandatory police clearance and positions of trust check.

Northside United Creed

Whether it is game day or practice day we will work like Champions!

We will never make excuses or cheat our team and teammates.

Who are we?

We are Champions!

We will be strong when we feel week, Brave when we feel scared and Humble when we are victorious!

Defeat will not be in our hearts

When our teammate struggles we will elevate our game and help them succeed

We will always have respect, honor and commitment to our team

Success isn’t given it is earned and we will be relentless in our efforts

Who are we?

We are Champions!

We know that our opponents do not expect us to win and will try to beat us into the ground!

But we will never surrender!

Weakness will not be in our hearts!

We will look to those who have trained us and we will draw strength from them

We will tackle, pass, shoot, and do everything that we can do to ensure the success of our team

Who are we?

We are champions!

We will gladly go out into the field of battle with our teammates for we have been together through sacrifice, through blood, through sweat, through tears…

Never will we let them fall

Never will we let them down

For this is our soccer Family!

Who are we?

We are Champions!

No one will deny us

No one will stop us

Belief and Passion will change our world and it will carry us through this battle.

Who are we?

We are Champions!

Weakness and retreat… those are not our words, we do not understand those definitions

We will never let a win go to our heads or a loss go to our hearts.

Who are we?

We are Champions!

Hard work and determination are what we bring to the field of success

Today will be that day, not tomorrow, not next week, but right now, right here on this field

The enemy will not intimidate us

We will not be pushed around

We will play with passion and nothing will stop us

Who are we?

We are Champions

The score at the end does not matter

Even though we may be down at times we will never be out of the game and we will never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat!

We will never go home, NEVER!, not without giving everything we’ve got!

Who are we?


Who are we?


Who are we?


Adapted from Coach Flowers Football Speech…. I Am a Champion!

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